Level 1 Employment Ready

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Yeoman

Units of work may include may include both theory and practical learning:

For example;
• how to protect health and safety in the workplace
• participating productively in group tasks (includes mini -project)
• describing community services
• managing personal well-being
• producing a curriculum vitae
• writing formal personal correspondence/filling in forms

Units of work will explore a wide range of topics employers have identified as being important in the workplace. Doing this course will help students in their future working life.

Students will be shown what is needed to be an employable person. Students who demonstrate these qualities are eligible to;

 (a) be considered for workplace experience during the year (when reaching 16 yrs old)

 (b) apply for entry on to the Gateway programme (during Year 12 or 13).

Recommended Prior Learning

Interest in gaining skills relevant in specific work placements. (see careers.govt.nz -career quizz/skills booster)
Students should also have completed the goal setting and skills sections of the Career Central programme (see HVHS student portal)


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