Level 1/2 Pāngarau Waenganui (Mathematics)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Nash

This course allows you to design your own Mathematics course, in consultation with your teacher. You can focus on Mathematics with Algebra, Statistics or a combination. This course can either be taken as a 1 or 2 year course, giving you the flexibility depending on your future pathway and interests. You will be entered in 10-18 credits from the standards listed below, and can choose to follow a recommended pathway or create a completely individual course.

This course can be made eligible for Subject Endorsement depending on your individual pathway choices.

This course can lead to Year 13 Calculus, Year 13 Statistics or Year 13 Maths & Statistics

Level 1 Numeracy - available in consultation with the Deans and Mathematics teachers. 

This alternative course concentrates on the three numeracy standards to help ensure students are able to meet the numeracy requirement for NCEA Level 1. The numeracy standards cover the basics of measurement, number and statistics skills for adult life. Once a student has completed the numeracy standards there will be an opportunity to work towards three achievement standards covering Numeric Reasoning, Transformation Geometry and Linear Algebra. This course does not lead to any Year 12 course.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There will be Nulake or Walker Workbooks available for purchase depending on your desired course.
You need a Scientific Calculator and if you want to continue with Mathematics in Year 13 it is highly recommended to get a Casio fx-9750GII Graphics Calculator.
You have the option of being issued with a textbook for this course.
Bringing your BYOD will support you in this course.

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