Level 1 Classical Studies

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Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Lantsbery

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Classical Studies is the study of the ancient civilizations exploring their art, history, literature, religion and philosophy. Students learn how the past continues to influence the present. In Level 1 we primarily study both Ancient Greece and Rome, but do include comparisons to other classical and modern civilisations.

In Year 11 we study:

• Greek Society 

How the Ancient Greeks lived and the way they treated different groups  in society eg. Men, Women and Slaves.

• Greek Mythology

Gods, Goddesses, Monsters and Heroes.

Greek Tragedy

Death, drama, bloodshed and more death.

Roman Society

Anything the Greeks can do the Romans could do bigger, and better...

Roman Entertainment

Sport with swords and wild animals...

Course Overview

Term 1
Greek Mythology / Introduction to Ancient Greek society.

Internal Assessment 1 - Social Relationships in the Ancient World

Term 2
Greek Tragedy

Introduction to Ancient Rome

Term 3
Roman Entertainment

Internal Assessment 2 - Influence of the ancient world on modern culture

Roman Art


Term 4

External Examinations

Learning Areas:

Social Science


Level 2 Classical Studies