Level 1 Food

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: L. Twigg

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Foods is highly recommended. This will help you if you are used to procedures and food safety practices you will need in senior courses.



This course is primarily a practical course. You will be introduced to working in a kitchen environment with all of it's routines, hygiene and safety requirements.


This course uses Service IQ Level 1 Unit Standards - Service IQ is one of the main training organisations for food preparation and food service in New Zealand.
This programme you will follow is assessed against Cookery Unit Standards and involves both written work and practical tasks. Your written work and practical cooking skills will have to meet a 'standard' - which is very achievable if you are keen, reliable and a good listener. We also provide some flexibility in our programme and can modify some units or recipes to suit the class needs.

By the end of the year you should have a good understanding about safe and hygienic food preparation practices..... AND have had the opportunity to create a range of delicious and practical recipes that you can use at home or demonstrate in a workplace.



Course Overview

Term 1
The Level 1 course equally delivers practical Hospitality unit standards from, serviceIQ and NCEA level 1 achievement standards from the Health/Home economics cirriculum.

The course is designed to build on the student's skills in cooking; understanding different techniques, food safety and hygiene, and using correct equipment.

Students will learn to think critically about recipes, gaining understanding of how different processes can be manipulated to achieve different outcomes.

Students will develop a greater awareness of the social, cultural and environment impacts on food, and influences on food preferences, including production, processing, scarcity, consumption and waste.

Students will learn how diet can influence wellbeing and how healthy nutrition can lead to improved physical and mental health as well as Hauora.

Term 2
The Egg n Cheese units tests students abilities to cook eggs using 3 different methods and cheese at least one way.
Mocktail unit involves the making of 4 different types on non alcoholic drinks. Practical assessment only.
The Hot finger foods unit tests skills and abilities in preparing, cooking and presenting 3 different products all successfully to meet preset criteria.
The Terminology unit is written only and covers a wide range of hospitality/foods terms. This may be done earlier or later, depending on progress.

Term 3
The meat unit involves 4 different methods of preparing, cooking and presenting meats to preset criteria. This unit can be challenging and may be substituted depending on student needs.
The Fruit and Vegetables unit involving their preparation and cooking can sometimes be included alongside other suitable units.

Term 4
There may be a small opportunity of tidying up/finishing off incomplete units here.

Learning Areas:

Learning Pathways


Level 2 Hospitality

You may also link to externally provided food service courses at Weltec and/or through courses provided by STAR eg; Barista

Career Pathways

Cook, Baker, Cafe Worker, Kitchenhand, Chef, Dietitian

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Approximately $120.00.
We are grateful to families making voluntary payments to assist with course specific costs.