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Level 2 Classical Studies (Ancient History)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Lantsbery.

Recommended Prior Learning

Reasonable success in Year 11 Classical Studies, English or History, or at the discretion of the TIC.

Level 2 Classical Studies (Ancient History) is the study of the ancient civilization of Greece. By exploring the social life, mythology, legends, art, history, literature and religion of these city states students learn how people of the past lived and how the past continues to influence the present. 

The course offers two internal and two external assessments which also contribute toward UE reading/writing credits.

• Skills

There are a range of skills taught and practiced throughout this course. These skills are transferable to other courses and areas. They include:

  1. Identifying patterns, similarities and differences.
  2. Communicating knowledge through a variety of visual, verbal and written media.
  3. Writing skills and the ability to communicate clearly.
  4. Research and analytical skills.

During the year you will study:

• I'm holding out for a Hero... 

What makes a person a hero? We will study the big heroes of Greek mythology eg Herakles, Perseus and Theseus and look at their origins, actions and monsters that made them famous. They will be compared to modern day heroes to see if our values have changed over the centuries.  We will also look at how these heroes are presented in modern media.

 The Trojan War/ The Odyssey           

What happens to the heroes from the greatest of all ancient wars?  Detailing Odysseus' ten year journey to return to his homeland The Odyssey is one of the most famous action adventures of all time. It contains episodes of fame, beautiful goddesses, monsters, and revenge.

• The City/Art of Athens       

The most famous city state of the Ancient Greeks and how it convinced themselves and others that they were the greatest of them all. Ancient Athens was a city that innovated in areas of politics, commerce, art and culture and they had no problem about making this clear to all others. 

• The Persian Wars           

What do you do when a reported one million foreign troops invade your homeland?   The ultimate underdog story where a small set of city states battle for freedom against a massive foe. Learn about the tactics, defeats and victories and how it lead to the meteoric rise of one city to greatness.


Learning Areas:

Social Sciences


Level 3 Classical Studies

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