Level 2 Classical Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Lantsbery

Recommended Prior Learning

Reasonable success in Level 1 Classical Studies, English or History, or at the discretion of the HOD.

Year 12 Classical Studies is the study of the ancient civilization of Greece and explores their mythology, art, history, literature, religion and philosophy. Students learn how the past continues to influence the present.

During the year you will study:

Mythology and Heroes 

A look at the big heroes, their origins and the actions that made them famous, eg Herakles, Perseus and Theseus. You will also look at how these heroes are presented in modern media.

 The Trojan War/ The Odyssey           

What happens to the heroes from the greatest of all ancient wars?  Stories of fame, fighting monsters, and revenge.

The City/Art of Athens       

The most famous of the Ancient Greek cities and how it convinced themselves and others that they were the greatest of them all.  

The Persian Wars           

 What do you do when a reported one million foreign troops invade your homeland?   


Learning Areas:

Social Science


Level 3 Classical Studies