Year 9 Subject Information

Year 9 students will have a programme which covers each of the eight Essential Learning Areas.

English, Maths, Physical Education, Science, and Social Sciences will be taught in form class groups for three hours per week. The Arts, Learning Languages and Technology will be taught in elective groups.  This allows for subject choices within these Learning Areas.

The elective subjects will be structured as follows:

  • Students will choose one full course and one half course from each of Technology and The Arts (That is, two courses for The Arts and two courses for Technology).  Students will choose one full language course.
  • The full courses will be four classes per week for two terms.  
  • The half courses will be four classes per week for one term.
  • All students will study Tikanga Māori for one spell per week for the full year.
    • In addition to these electives, there are some pathway selections available, to support students whose core literacy and/or numeracy needs additional work. (ELAN, Literacy, Numeracy)

Due to the resources available, some subjects have a limited number of student places.

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