Level 1 Accounting

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Teacher in Charge: Ms L. Chave

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This course aims to develop students financial literacy with a focus on accounting. It is an introduction to basic accounting principles and processes relating to individuals, communities and small businesses.  Students will cover the following Accounting skills: 

• Process and maintain financial records
• Prepare financial statements
• Interpret financial information 
• Use financial and non-financial information to inform decision making

These are necessary skills for most areas of future employment, future courses in Commerce and are useful life skills.

The stereotype of a pencil pushing accountant hunched over a calculator scribbling sums couldn't be be more inaccurate in today's world.  

  • Accounting students have transferable, strongly valued skills that help make them exceptional and visionary business leaders
  • Accountants are innovative
  • Accountants are good with money
  • Accountants are business advisors
  • 25% of CEOs are Chartered Accountants and 55% of CEOs have a Finance background

Learning Areas:

Social Science


Level 2 Accounting, Level 2 Business Studies

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Workbooks and revision cards are available (approximately $45.00). Purchase is highly recommended.