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Year 11 Economics, International Trade and Finance

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Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Vythilingam.

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Economics is a social science that explores how people and societies make decisions about the allocation of resources. In this course, students will be introduced to the New Zealand economy and economic philosophy, and will learn about how New Zealand operates in a globalised world.  

Through the lens of economic principles, students will gain an understanding of how domestic and global markets operate and how various actors, such as households, firms, banks, and government, interact with each other. This course provides a foundation for future study, financial literacy, and equipping students with the skills to analyse and interpret economic data, to make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.

By the end of this course, students will have a good understanding of the basic concepts and theories of economics, as well as the practical applications of these principles in real-world scenarios. Whether pursuing a career in economic analysis, finance, business, or public policy, this course is an essential steppingstone towards a deeper understanding of the global economy and the economic forces that shape our world.



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Social Sciences


Level 2 Economics

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A workbook is available for purchase (approximately $28.00) is recommended