Level 1 Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Maxwell

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry, based on recommendations from Deans and Year 10 Science teachers.

- Biology: genetics and evolution/microorganisms
- Chemistry: acids and bases/metals/carbon cycle
- Physics: mechanics/heat
- Practical investigations

We are continually developing and improving our Science programme. As a result, the Level 1 Science course classes will offer an inquiry based learning model offering alternative standards. Students will study five topics from the list above for a maximum of 20 credits. All students will complete Science 1.14 and Physics 1.1. Each external topic will be paired with a corresponding internal standard allowing students to choose between either the internal or external pathway based on their future career and life goals. The goal is to allow students to have choice in what standards they do however all students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one external as this is needed for endorsement.

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Biology, Level 2 Chemistry, Level 2 Electronics, Level 2 Horticulture, Level 2 Physics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is a Level 1 NCEA Science Workbook attached to each external exam available for purchase (approximately $10.00 each)

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