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Level 2 Furniture Making (ITO)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss C. Penfold.

Recommended Prior Learning

Students having achieved credits at Year 11 FITO would be preferred, however, students with a keen interest in developing generic woodworking skills are welcome. 

Please speak with Miss Penfold or email [email protected] if you would like to either see what students produce or chat about the course.

Click on this link to see examples of Bedside Units being made by Year 12 FTEC

This course is a practical heavy course with theory work that links to the project being made. There is a deeper knowledge gained into: abrasives, timber types, fixtures and fittings used in furniture making and manufactured boards.

This course is a trade related course. Students continue to develop practical furniture making skills using hand and machine tools common to the trade. If students have taken the level 1 course it builds on those skills learnt. If students have not completed the Level 1 course, they are given the opportunity to through practice work to develop new skills and then build on them. Credits go towards a New Zealand Certificate in Furniture Making.

The units focus on accuracy in use of tools and machinery as well as health and safety. Then quality of finish in a practical outcome is expected to be of a high standard. Independence within the workshop and confidence is a significant part of assessment.

Students are assess on:

Accuracy in marking out timber - working in mm and using a range of tools to ensure accuracy is in manufacture.

Joining of timber - working with a range of tools and equipment to produce well made joints in furniture.

Finishing of timber - working through the abrasives appropriate for the timber to produce professional finished furniture so that it is ready to use or sell.

Health and Safety in the workshop.

This course prepares students for trade based apprenticeships. See the Competenz link below for more information.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Information

Achievement Standard course.
No externals.


Level 3 Furniture Making (ITO)

Known as Furniture or FTEC.
This course is a workshop course working with timber to make small furniture items.
Possible Careers are: Joinery; Construction; Furniture Making.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Approximately $120.00 for equipment and materials.
We are grateful to families making voluntary payments to assist with course specific costs.