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Level 2 Product Design Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Norris.

Recommended Prior Learning

Reasonable success in Level 1 Materials Technology, Art or Graphics or at the discretion of the HoD.

This is a full year course in which students design and develop an innovative outcome based around electronics and using mixed materials for the construction. It will be covering areas such as:

- Research and design 

- Materials technology 

- Electronics 

- Advanced workshop skills 

- Computer Aided Design

The Year 12 students construct an outcome based on designs provided by the teacher. This outcome is a step up in technical content to the previous year and similarly can develop the designs but need to follow the overall structural dimensions of the product. They will also need to identify an aesthetic feature and structural feature that they are going to incorporate into their outcome. The students will need to produce a construction log book as they construct their outcome to demonstrate the quality control methods that they are applying to the build process.

The second project builds further on the previous years' experiences but allows the students more autonomy with their outcomes, which is based on the context of industrial design. They are to incorporate electronics into their design, which they can chose from a range of circuit boards. The assessment criteria requires the students to research, design and develop an outcome and produce a step by step plan of the processes that they implemented.

Note: This course leads to university entrance approved subjects.

Learning Areas:



Level 3 Furniture Making (ITO), Level 3 Product Design Technology

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Approximately $120.00 for equipment and materials.
We are grateful to families making voluntary payments to assist with course specific costs.