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Level 3 Mechanical Engineering

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Norris.

Recommended Prior Learning

Reasonable success in Level 2 Engineering or at the discretion of the HOD.

This is an engineering workshop based course in which students undertake a number of practical projects with a small amount of supporting theory tasks. The projects will incorporate material manipulation skills to produce square to round transitions and conical shapes in sheet metal, plus focus on close tolerance machining applications. This course prepares students for trade based apprenticeships and they will be provided the opportunity to visit and work at partnership engineering companies to further develop their skills and knowledge using equipment not available at school. This Work Integrated Learning scheme can lead to apprenticeships and possible employment opportunities with the partnership companies. 

See the Competenz link below for more information on the courses that are provided.

Please note: This is not an automotive course.



Learning Areas:


Career Pathways

Mechanical Engineering Technician