Booking Information for Parent/Teacher Interviews for Years 11-13 June 2024

Our parent/teacher interviews are on Thursday, June 13, and Thursday, June 20, between 8:30am and 4:30pm. You can meet your student’s subject teachers at school for an in-person interview or via an online interview. All students will learn from home on these dates, completing assigned work on Google Classroom.

How to Book:

  1. Click on Bookings

  2. On the ‘My Bookings’ page select ‘Book Time’.  

  3. You will see your student’s subject teachers listed for Thursday 13 June (scroll down for Thursday 20 June). Choose an available time slot for each teacher. 

  4. After clicking on your preferred time.  You will be asked to confirm your booking type of ‘Online’ or ‘In-person meeting’. 

  5. Review the information is correct and click ‘Confirm Time’. A prompt will then confirm ‘Time Booked’.  Next, select ‘Close’ and continue booking your parent/teacher interviews.

To see or update your bookings, go to the ‘Summary’ page. Online interview links will be listed there. Please ignore the ‘Join Online’ links if you have chosen in-person meetings. Please note that there are no Mentor Teacher Bookings available for senior students, this is for subject teachers only.

We look forward to meeting with our Year 11-13 families at parent/teacher interviews.  If you have any questions please email Nick Larkin (Deputy Principal) at [email protected]