Level 2 Geography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. Gibson

Geography guides students towards a critical appreciation of the interaction between people and the environment. Studying Geography provides a window into the complex mosaic of places that make up our world. The Level 2 external standards cover aspects of New Zealand's natural landscape (Tongariro Volcanic Centre) and the application of geographic skills. The internal assessments will focus on a global study of HIV / AIDS, the controversial issues surrounding freedom camping in New Zealand and research in the Tongariro Volcanic Centre. 

There is a four day field trip to gather research for one of the internal assessments. This field trip includes the 19.2 km Tongariro Crossing, therefore a reasonable level of fitness is required.  

Level 2 Geography is an endorsed course offering 19 credits, 8 externally and 11 internally assessed. You can gain 4 UE reading and writing credits from this subject. 

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is a $265 donation to attend the Field Trip to the Central Plateau.

Recommended Prior Learning

Geography is a UE level course that has a heavy reading and writing component.  It is difficult to pick up Geography at Level 2 without having done it before. If you are picking up Level 2 Geography without having done Level 1 Geography, then reasonable grades in literacy rich subjects are required. This is a challenging course, so students will need to work hard. Strong critical and analytical skills are needed at all levels.


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