Level 3 Geography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. Gibson

Geography guides students towards a critical appreciation of the interaction between people and the environment. Studying Geography provides a window into the complex mosaic of places that make up our world. The Level 3 course covers contexts of tourism development in Rotorua, a global study of modern day piracy and the controversial issues surrounding human trafficking. There is also a research internal assessment linked to the sustainability of accommodation businesses in Rotorua.

There is a four day field trip to Rotorua to gather research for an internal assessment. 

Level 3 Geography is an endorsed course offering 19 credits, 8 externally and 11 internally assessed. You can gain 11 UE reading and/or writing credits from this subject.

There is a $360 donation to attend the Field Trip to Rotorua.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is a $360 donation to attend the Field Trip to Rotorua.

Recommended Prior Learning

Geography is a UE level course that has a heavy reading and writing component.  It is very difficult to pick up Geography at Level 3 without having done it before. It is very challenging, so students will need to work hard. Achieving at Merit / Excellence at Level 2 in English and  / or another Social Science subject would be the preference if you are wanting to come back to Level 3 Geography after completing Level 1 successfully. Ideally students progressing into Level 3 would have gained an achieved in at least one of the externals offered in Level 2 Geography and would have gained 14 credits in total in Geography. 

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