Year 11 History

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Green.

Year 11 History introduces students to studying History and becoming historians. The 'big picture' of World History and the 'Big Six' historical ideas will be introduced before focussing on two major themes: 'Fighting For Freedom' - people protesting injustice, and 'A World in Conflict' - the causes and consequences of conflict. These themes will be supported by our  'Aotearoa Archive' - contexts from New Zealand.

History's 'Big Six' ideas include: historical evidence, historical significance, historical perspectives, causes and consequences, continutity and change, historical ethics. Each big idea will be introduced and then revisited during the teaching of the major themes (see below).

 This part of the course will introduce key developments and moments in world history using historical markers like 'age', 'period', and 'civilisation' to give students a sense of how topics fit into the bigger picture.

Why and how have people had to fight to gain basic civil rights? Why and how have some people resisted this? Contexts could include: 'Deeds not Words!' (Votes for Women), 'End Apartheid Now!' (the Sharpeville Massacre and Soweto Riots), 'I Have a Dream!' (the Black Civil Rights Movement - Montgomery Bus Boycott, Little Rock, Selma). 

Also, the Aotearoa Archive: 'Honour the Treaty!', Dawn Raids, 1981 Springbok Tour

What are the causes of different conflicts? What consequences have different conflicts had? How has conflict changed? How has it stayed the same? Contexts could include: a Religious conflict e.g. the Crusades; a conflict of Independence e.g. the USA; a Revolutionary conflict e.g. China; a Civil conflict e.g. England or America; a World wide conflict e.g. World War I and/or World War II; an Ideological conflict e.g. the Cold War; conflict as a response to terrorism e.g. the 'War on Terror' e.g. 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan. 

Also, the Aotearoa Archive: Kiwis in Conflict - includes a field trip to Te Papa and the National War Memorial and a possible 2 day field trip to the Army Museum at Waiouru.

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Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Year 11 History has several opportunities for fieldtrips. A day trip focussing mainly on Te Papa, Wellington Museum and the National War Memorial and two day visit to the Army Museum in Waiouru. We are grateful to families making voluntary payments to assist with fieldtrips.