Year 11 Food

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: L. Twigg.

Year 11 Food

This course is designed to cover learning from the Technology, Home Economics/Health curriculums as well as Hospitality. The culmination of year 11 food will be a 3 course meal, cooked by students and served to their parents/whanau.  The meal will be designed to represent what the students have learned throughout the year.  Term 1 will be a focus on cuisines from different cultures, practical application of this knowledge in 'outdoor' cooking including BBQ (USA, Kiwi and Korean styles), Hangi and camping/tramping. Term 2 will explore sustainability in the world of food, and look at the reasons why people choose the food they do in terms of personal, inter-personal and societal impacts on that food choices.  Term 3 will have a food technology focus where students will learn brief design and development, prototyping and evaluation of food products and meals,  the will spend the second part of term for planning the meal to be served at the beginning of term 4.

Throughout the year students will relate all of their learning to Hauora and well-being.  Students will also be taught Hospitality culinary skills, food safety and food knowledge throughout the year

The assessment for year 11 will be an Achievement Standard from the Health curriculum, which is being rolled out next 2024.  

If students intend to persue Level 2 Hospitality in 2025 then the work that they do in year 11 can be considered (as assessed in retrospect) as part of the Level 2 'National Certificate in Cookery', which is a nationally recognised certificate designed for students who are planning on entering industry.


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Approximately $150.00, this donation covers the cost of ingredients cooked in class
We are grateful to families making voluntary payments to assist with course specific costs.


You may also link to externally provided food service courses at Weltec and/or through courses provided by STAR eg; Barista