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Year 10 Mathematics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Nash.

Recommended Prior Learning

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The Year 10 Mathematics programme covers all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum from levels 4 to 6.

The year is broken into 8 sections, 2 per term.

Term 1 - Topic 1 - Number: Rounding, Indices, Standard Form, Percentages, GST, Ratio & Proportion

Term 1 - Topic 2 - Measurement: Area, Volume, Surface Area, Circles, Cylinders, Prisms, Plans & Elevations and Nets 

Term 2 - Topic 1 - Statistics: Charts, Quartiles & Box Plots. As well as Numeracy preparation

Term 2 - Topic 2 - Number & Algebra: Percentages, Indices, Expressions, Expanding, Factorising & Quadratics

Term 3 - Topic 1 - Geometry: Angles, Polygons, Pythagoras & Trigonometry

Term 3 - Topic 1 - Algebra: Equations, Inequations, Quadratics, Formulae & Algebraic Fractions

Term 4 - Topic 1 - Patterns & Graphs: Linear Graphs, Parabolas, Quadratic Patterns, Modelling and Transforming functions

Term 4 - Topic 2 - Probability: Probability, Sample Space, 2-Way Tables, Venn Diagrams & Experimental Probability

After each unit there is an informal end of topic test that covers what has been taught so understanding and overall progress can be established.

Students will have the opportunity to complete US32406 Numeracy Co-requisite during Year 10.

Learning Areas:



Level 1 Mathematical Methods, Level 1 Mathematical Reasoning

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Recommended: Scientific Calculator Casio FX82 or Casio fx-9750GII Graphics Calculator.
Students are issued the Beta Textbook.