Level 1 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms F. Pearson

Recommended Prior Learning

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This course will continue to develop and stretch students in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and presenting. Students will complete studies of two extended texts (play/novel), a film, and short texts (short stories and/or poetry) over the course of the year. They will make choices about some of the internal assessments they attempt. This will allow students to tailor their course to their strengths and develop an individual learning pathway.

Level 1 English - Modified - available in consultation with the Deans and English teachers. 

An alternative English course will be offered to students who need more time for some assessments and will allow them to make a decision, with the support of their teacher, about how many standards to attempt in the exam. This course offers a complete programme of assessment in reading, writing, viewing and speaking tasks. The assessments in this course are all Achievement Standards. 

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Level 2 English