Level 2/Level 3 Gateway

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. King

Gateway is a Government funded 'premier' programme which provides opportunities for students to participate in workplace learning and achieve workplace qualifications while still at school. Gateway is a formalised, contract-based learning arrangement (with the employer community) following an initial preparation phase that ensures the students have completed Workplace Safety, First Aid and Site Safe certificates (if required).

Gateway gives students a head-start to gain employment, (part time and full time), apprenticeships, further training opportunities and valuable networks for later reference. Students are able to attend placements that fit into their timetables; this is usually one day a week but is flexible to student need (10 days minimum requirement in total for the year). Gateway students attend normal classes when they are not on their placements. They are expected to catch up on any work missed in other subjects and their attendance must remain at 85% during the year on the Gateway programme. Gateway fully funds any course costs and student costs (eg; equipment/tools etc) Gateway prepares students and expects them to be organised and committed to carry out the workplace contract for their benefit, for the benefit of the employer and for the good reputation of the school. If a student does not consistently meet these attendance, schoolwork completion and workplace contract expectations they may be withdrawn from the programme following consultation with the Gateway teacher, Deans and parents/caregivers.  

NOTE; teachers and workplace coordinators attempt to work with the students to ensure a best fit in the workplace and to minimise stress around completion of the student's school studies programme ; SEE COURSE OVERVIEW 

Some of the employment placement opportunities include:

Accounting; Agriculture; Animal care; Art and Design; Air stewarding; Automotive technician or re-finisher; Audio-engineering; Architecture; Barista; Banking; Beauty therapy; Baking; Barber; Brick/tile layer; Broadcasting; Building; Butchery; Computing; Conservation; Dance; Design; Diving; Drafting/Graphic design; Early Childcare; Electrical; Engineering; Event Management; Fabrication and welding; Fashion; Florist; Glazier;  Hairdressing; Hospitality; Horticulture; Interior Design; Joinery; Landscaping; Legal; Media; Medical; Music performance and teaching; Nursing; Painter; Performing Arts; Personal training; Pharmacy; Photography;Pilot; Plasterer; Plumbing; Radio and media; Refrigeration Engineer; Retail; Sports and sports coaching; Surveying; Teaching; Transport; Tourism; Zoology...etc

Examples of external courses offered;

Health and Safety Levels 2 and 3; First Aid Certificate; Site Safe Certificate;

Red Shirts/Countdown retail Certificate; Electrical/ ETCO; MITO/Automotive;

Events Management; Computing/Programming/Game development;

 Music/sound production; Diving; Youth work; Early Childhood....etc.

Course Overview

Term 1
During Term 1,following the workplace preparation phase (eg; First Aid/Workplace Safety etc) and careers input (begin Career Plan), students will undertake a significant community based 'project' that develops teamwork,communication and problem solving skills. From week 6 of Term one the Gateway Workplace Coordinator will also begin placing students in their relevant workplace environment.

Students will gain approximately 1 L1 Credit, 1 L2 Credit and 10 L3 credits from the workplace preparation courses and approximately 15 L3 credits from the community based project.

Term 2
During Term 2, following the completion of the project, students may choose assessment standards relevant to their workplace and/or standards from a menu of skills based units. Many students, for example, will be focusing on workplace related standards including Barista, Early Childhood, Automotive, Youth-work etc.
NOTE; Students who complete their community based projects early Term 2, will also be offered 5 L3 credits from 2 generic skills-based standards as an option (eg; Decision Making skills/Researching a workplace).
NOTE; All standards offered in Gateway are Unit Standards and count towards NCEA L2/L3 but not University Entrance. Students in GATEWAY can be expected to complete around 30 L3 Unit Standard credits during the course.

Term 3
During Term 3, teacher and student revisit the original Career Plan, update C.V's and begin planning for 'next steps', that may include (among other options) apprenticeships/trainee-ships; full time employment; tertiary studies at Polytech/University; or a plan to return to school and complete a higher level NCEA qualification. Gateway concludes with a graduation ceremony and celebration where parents/caregivers can gather with students and invited speakers to recognise their achievements.

Term 4
Revision work for students studying for external exams and continued opportunity to sharpen C.V's for students applying for employment/traineeships etc.

Recommended Prior Learning

Positive attitude, at least 85% attendance and a strong work ethic. Students need to complete an application by the end of Term 3 and interviews will be conducted at the beginning of Term 4. Course acceptance/decline by letter;

NOTE; There is also an opportunity for 'late applications' at the beginning of the Gateway year where students have made changes to course/career directions. This will still necessitate and interview with parents/caregivers invited.

Career Pathways

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