Learning Pathways

The Pathways courses are very 'hands-on' and are designed to give students knowledge, skills and experience towards the future employment pathways they explore and may choose. Students of all ability ranges and backgrounds choose Pathways, often to try out workplace experiences and/or external courses that may help to confirm future directions, whether directly into the workplace or leading on to further studies after Hutt Valley High. The courses are predominantly unit standard based, sourced from a wide range of providers to develop and reflect the diverse skills and knowledge required for the modern and ever changing workplace. There is a strong emphasis on career exploration and goal setting, utilising Career Central, career planning and a range of guest speakers to encourage objective and goal focused thinking. In some of the courses, especially Gateway and Employment Ready, students will be offered work preparation courses (eg; First Aid, Workplace Safety, Site Safe and the like) prior to structured work placement in order for them to experience the real world of work. Out of these experiences students are exposed to the 'expectations' of employers, gain valuable work-ready skills/knowledge, can be offered workplace contracts (eg; apprenticeships and the like) and will most likely confirm their next steps, including future subject choices at school.