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Level 2 Employment Ready

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Allen.

Recommended Prior Learning

Interest in gaining skills relevant in a wide variety of work placements. There will be work placements and opportunities to attend specific industry courses at WelTec or other industry providers.

Welcome to YEAR 12 EMPLOYMENT READY......

What is ER?? = Employment Ready  … essentially the course is about:

  1. Helping you plan your future career pathway
  2. Giving you the skills to start travelling down that pathway  eg; communication/teamwork 
  3. Giving you the opportunity to ‘experience’ a structured and supportive work environment.
  4. Providing you with courses that are skills based and look good on your C.V eg; First Aid
  5. Providing the opportunity to build a bank of credits towards NCEA and other qualifications.   

          ....So What are the key aims???

    Get some skills….get some credits…get some qualifications…get work experience                                                                                                   What do I need to be..................??  

    KEEN and Reliable…

Q; How will ER take place Term 1?

  • Get to know each other and set goals/expectations for the year
  • Set up Career Central and a Career Plan
  • Get some new quals eg; First Aid cert and Workplace Safety cert
  • Do some voluntary work in a team                         

By the end of Term One…… getting an idea of what I might want to do after school life….… 

Term 2…FOCUS    

  • Our first work experience as a team project completed 
  • The second individual work experience planned and executed
  • C.V  and Career Plan updated
  • Other skills standards started eg; Time management

Term 3 …FOCUS

  • Continuing with skills standards eg; Assertiveness and problem solving
  • Focus on job search and cold calling....yep!....walking in off the that's confidence!

Term 4…FOCUS

  • Credit checks and catching up on incomplete assessments                                

 By the end of Term Four…

… feeling confident about having a concrete plan in place for 2022…..


• develop team skills (includes a group project)
• produce a targeted resume and/or CV
• explore career options (research)
• describe ways of managing and coping with change and/or stress
• develop problem solving skills
• develop interview skills and effective communication skills

AND....Successful students will be offered external courses like First Aid, Site Safe and Workplace Safety which are valuable certificates for CV's and also provide NCEA credits. Diligent students may also be offered other training courses like barista and customer service.

PLUS... Students who display reliability and a positive, ready to learn attitude, will be considered for workplace experience placement during Terms 2 and 3. Successful students can also apply to gain entry on to the Gateway programme in Year 13.





Course Overview

Term 1
Begin the year by setting goals and learning about the skills and attributes that employers desire (includes guest speakers). Update or create a Curriculum Vitae that will land you employment, including a part time job and complete an assessment about targeting you C.V to a particular job. Complete workplace preparation courses, including First Aid and Workplace Safety. Begin a project about creating and developing your 'Personal profile', which includes goal setting and steps to achieve your goals.

Term 2
Students will complete the personal profile assignment by visiting an employer to ask questions about their career pathway, while also detailing a plan to complete this year and beyond on the journey to their current number one career choice. Begin an assignment called 'Structured Workplace Experience'. The Pathways Workplace Broker (Jodene Fitness) will assist students to plan for and carry out a workplace focused assignment that includes key communication skills and time management. Students will begin a workplace experience in small groups and then graduate up to individual workplace experiences in a career of their choosing.

Term 3
Each student will complete structured workplace experiences and reflect on them, while also updating personal CVs. By this time they will have accumulated 3 L1, 18 L2 and 8 L3 credits. Thereafter the ER course 'individualises' and students can choose to a) have more workplace experiences b) complete more skills based standards or c) both.

Term 4
Students complete a credit check, update C.V's, confirm course/other choices for the next year and prepare for any external examinations (core subjects). We also check that students have sat their learner license. Throughout the year we also support the students who apply for part -time employment.

Learning Areas:

Learning Pathways


Level 2/Level 3 Gateway, Level 3 Employment Ready

This course is a natural fit for students who aim to explore the skills and attributes desirable for entering into workplace training and/or employment across a wide range of vocations.

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