Year 10 - 13 Subject Information.

Year 10 Programme

Year 10 students will have three spells per week from each of the eight Essential Learning Areas.

English, Maths, Physical Education, Science, and Social Sciences will be taught in form class groups, as is the case now. The Arts, Learning Languages and Technology will be taught in elective groups.  This allows for subject choices within these Learning Areas.

The elective subjects will be structured as follows:

Year 10 Students

  • Year 10 students will be encouraged to choose one subject from each of the following Learning Areas: Technology, Languages and The Arts. They will study this subject for three spells per week, for the full year.
    • In addition to this, there are some pathway selections available. (ESOL, Literacy, Numeracy, Food, Sport)
    • Taking a subject at Year 9 is not a pre-requisite for Year 10 subjects.

Year 11 Students

Will study 6 options each of 4 hours, with compulsory English/literacy, and compulsory Mathematics/numeracy plus four others. Mathematics and English are compulsory because of the requirement to achieve literacy and numeracy to achieve NCEA at all levels.

Year 12 Students

Will study 5 or 6 options each of 4 hours. There is no compulsory subjects, but those that offer UE (University Entrance) Literacy are essential for any students who are planning to go to University.

Year 13 Students

Will study 5 subjects each of 4 hours. There are no compulsory subjects. University Entrance Literacy can be achieved via some Year 13 subjects.

Please note: A student wishing to take more than 2 folio based subjects should discuss this with the dean due to workload concerns.